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Final Days to Apply for Rice Leadership Development Program

<strong>Final Days to Apply for Rice Leadership Development Program</strong>

The deadline to apply for the 2023-25 Rice Leadership Development Program is Friday, September 9.

For three decades now, the Rice Leadership Development Program has given future leaders a comprehensive course covering all aspects of the rice industry while also strengthening personal development and communication skills.

The two-year program gives class members a chance to learn through firsthand observation, seminars, and workshops.Application details can be found here.

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The Next Big Thing – The Rice Footprint

When we meet with legislators and regulators we talk about the Pacific Flyway, salmon and the hundreds of species of wildlife that use rice. We also focus on the rural communities in the Sacramento Valley that are so closely tied to our industry. Everyone gets it. They understand that our rice fields are so much more than the sushi rice they produce.

Targeted digital advertising – launches January 2024

Targeted digital advertising – launches January 2024

In January 2024 the CRC plans to launch a new endeavor — targeted digital advertising. Below is a message from Steve Lerch with Story Arc Consulting, who has utilized his background at Google and working with other ag commodities to build our unique ad strategy, develop targeted campaigns aimed at decision makers, legislators, environmentally-minded Californians and rice lovers by tracking engagement in real-time.