Water Quality

Thiobencarb nearing exceedances

Monitoring results are nearing the performance goal exceedance from results collected May 12. Memorial Day weekend typically marks the peak usage for thiobencarb, and subsequently the highest monitoring results. 

With favorable weather forecast, there should not be issues with maintaining the waterholding requirements and managing drift over the drains. 

All monitoring results have been excellent with the upper Colusa Basin Drain site at the performance goal of 1.5 µg/L on May 12. 

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Drinking Water Well Testing

Drinking Water Well Testing

Complete the required annual testing for 2023

The California Rice Commission’s Waste Discharge Requirement (WDR) requires, beginning in 2022, each grower (or landowner) to conduct annual testing for nitrates in all drinking water supply wells present on parcels where rice is produced. The results are reported from the analytical laboratory to the State’s GeoTracker database.