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Rice Commission’s Online Thiobencarb Stewardship Video Now Available

Missed our live webinar on February 19? Do you need a stewardship certificate for your County Agricultural Commissioner or just seeking CEU credit? The Rice Commission’s thiobencarb stewardship video is recorded in five segments and available 24/7 at:

https://agceuonline.com/246/course/Mandatory-Thiobencarb-Stewardship-CERTIFICATE-ONLY-2021 Provides thiobencarb stewardship certificate with no Exam or CEUs.

https://agceuonline.com/245/course/Mandatory-Thiobencarb-Stewardship-2021 Provides CEUs only with no thiobencarb stewardship certificate. Use the verification of attendance if you need to present to the County Agricultural Commissioner Office. 

You will see two courses each with their own unique URL at the website, AgCEUOnline.com. A person has the option to view the video and take Stewardship Certificate only with no Exam and no DPR/CCA credit. Or select the option to view the video and take the Exam for CEU credit. You select the option of choice when opening the site.

The quality of the video and optional exam is dependent on the connection from your device. This recording will be available indefinitely through the planting season. 

Certificates – there are two: 

For participation in the stewardship: The certificate required at the County Agricultural Commissioner Office(s) where the rice is farmed.

Continuing education certificates are separate: The continuing education credit is available to all DPR  licensees, Private Applicators and certificate holders, including Certified Crop Advisers. We will work with the County Agricultural Commissioners on certification of growers choosing to take the CEU option by accepting the AgCEU verification of attendance.

Approved CEUs:

California Department of Pesticide Regulation (0.5 Laws & Regulations, 0.5 Aerial Pest Control Equipment & Application Technique, 0.5 Other)

Certified Crop Adviser (1 CEU Soil & Water Management, 0.5 CEU Crop Management)

For questions or more information, please contact CRC Industry Affairs Manager Roberta Firoved at rfiroved@calrice.org or (916) 206-5039.

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2023 Results – Pyrethroid TMDL Update 

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The California Rice Commission collects data on pyrethroids and toxicity in water and sediments at our four main agricultural drain sites in accordance with the Basin Plan Amendment Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL) requirements under the Clean Water Act. Pyrethroids (i.e., Warrior, Lambda-cy, Silencer) are used in rice production to manage insects.

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2023 Results – Rice Pesticides Program 

Significant Thiobencarb Concentration Detections in Colusa Basin Drain

The Rice Pesticide Program (RPP) will enter the 8th week of thiobencarb (i.e., Bolero, Abolish, Willowood Thio) monitoring on June 27.  The results of monitoring across the sampling sites have generally yielded positive results with only two samples exceeding the performance goal of 1.5 μg/L to date.