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Propanil Update for 2021

Propanil Update for 2021

The CRC received calls about concerns with the propanil SuperWHAM!® CA performance last year. We reached out to UPL, the registrant, and the company completed considerable research over the winter months. 

One rumor about the SuperWHAM!® CA product is the inclusion of carbaryl in the formulation. The UPL representatives researched records for the confidential statements of formula to verify no carbaryl exists in the formula. 

Carbaryl is a registered pesticide with a chemical abstract number (CAS No.), which means the insecticide would be listed on the label along with propanil and the formulated product. 

Remember carbaryl and propanil cannot be applied within 14-days or 15-days per label requirement. Any deviation of the application of these two restricted materials could result in a violation, most likely for use in conflict with the labeling. 

For more information, contact the CRC’s Industry Affairs Manager Roberta Firoved at rfiroved@calrice.org or (916) 206-5039.

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Drinking Water Well Testing

Drinking Water Well Testing

Complete the required annual testing for 2023

The California Rice Commission’s Waste Discharge Requirement (WDR) requires, beginning in 2022, each grower (or landowner) to conduct annual testing for nitrates in all drinking water supply wells present on parcels where rice is produced. The results are reported from the analytical laboratory to the State’s GeoTracker database.