Farm Evaluation and Nitrogen Management Plan for Rice Growers

The Central Valley Water Board Waste Discharge Requirement (WDR) Order R5-2014-0032 requires Rice Growers to submit a Farm Evaluation and Nitrogen Management Plan to the California Rice Commission (CRC) every five (5) years. 

The Farm Evaluation is intended to provide the CRC and the Central Valley Water Board with information regarding Grower implementation of the Order’s requirements.  The CRC will collect the data submitted and prepare a Farm Evaluation Management Summary for submittal to the Board.  The Nitrogen Management Plan is intended to provide Rice Growers with a planning tool for managing nitrogen applications; information submitted to the CRC is not provided to the Board.

The Farm Evaluation and Nitrogen Management Plan will be reported for the 2023 crop year.  In addition, the Nitrogen Management Plan will require a forecast of nitrogen use and other data for the upcoming 2024 growing season.  The data is required by the Order to be submitted by March 01, 2024.  Each plan will be submitted using the Grower’s unique identification number from their permit at the County Agricultural Commissioner’s office.  Information reported to the Board will be by township only (no Grower or parcel identification).

In addition, the Farm Evaluation and Nitrogen Management Plan must be maintained or be available electronically at the Grower’s farming operations headquarters or primary place of business. A copy of each plan must be made available for inspection, upon request, to Central Valley Water Board staff.

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