Upcoming Application Deadline: Delayed Wheat Harvest Incentive Program

egrets by canal

The California Waterfowl Association (CWA) has a new program that incentivizes the delayed harvest of wheat and triticale for the benefit of nesting waterfowl. Nesting ducks are attracted to these fields, but unfortunately the crops are typically harvested before ducks have finished nesting, which creates a wildlife-agriculture conflict.

To mitigate this conflict, CWA has been operating egg salvage programs throughout the Sacramento Valley, which collect eggs, incubate them, and release ducklings. However, duckling survival is higher when they are reared by their mothers, so CWA is introducing a new Delayed Wheat Harvest Incentive Program. This program will provide incentive payments to farmers of $30 to $40 per acre to delay wheat and/or triticale harvest until July 1-15, ultimately allowing the ducklings to hatch out with their mothers and increase their survival.

To apply please fill out and application online at or fill out this application and email it to Caroline Brady at The application deadline for this program is Wednesday March 25. If you have any questions, please reach out to Caroline Brady.

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Rice Levee Program – Enrollment Now Open

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