RCPP Final Application Reminder

RCPP Final Application Reminder

The application deadline for practices through the Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) is fast approaching. To be eligible for participating in any practices this fall, producers must sign up by May 2, 2022. Applications must be submitted through Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) offices. Below is a summary of the practices that are currently open for enrollment. 

Key information about this enrollment

Application Deadline:  May 2, 2022 

Major Practices:

  • Winter Flooding with Variable Drawdown – (High and Low Intensity)
  • Seasonal Flooding with Gradual Drawdown
  • Seasonal Inundation with Staggered Flood-up
  • Forage Management for Waterbirds
  • Habitat Ponds
  • Cover Crop Planting

Interested producers should visit their local NRCS office directly but general questions can also be directed to Luke Matthews, Wildlife Programs Manager for the California Rice Commission, at (916) 607-8988 or

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Rice Levee Program – Enrollment Now Open

Rice Levee Program – Enrollment Now Open

California Waterfowl Association (CWA) will be soliciting applications for the Rice Levee Program starting on September 25, 2023. This program is funded by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, through the Nesting Bird Habitat Incentive Program, which allows rice farmers to submit bids for the management of their internal levees for upland nesting bird species (Mallard, Gadwall and Pheasant). To participate in this program, rice levees must be reconstructed before January 1st or left from previous growing season. Enrolled levees must be left undisturbed until July 15th.