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CRC Drought page highlights key industry messages

CRC Drought page highlights key industry messages

The CRC continues to utilize the Drought page on to highlight the widespread impacts this historic year has had on our industry, communities, and wildlife. 

This page is not only a compilation of social media content and videos we’ve produced throughout the year, but it also serves as a source for media. The drought page is a resource for newsgathering, with monthly updated statements, facts section, videos, and news articles that captured our industry’s messages. 

As we move into the fall and winter months, we will hear from waterfowl migration experts with Audubon California, Ducks Unlimited, Point Blue and many more on why rice is a critical piece in sustaining the Pacific Flyway and our environment overall.

We will continue to update, inform, and tell the stories of those who have been so affected by this drought.

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