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CVJV 2022 Conservation Partnership Award Highlights Bird Habitat Efforts

CVJV 2022 Conservation Partnership Award Highlights Bird Habitat Efforts

The Central Valley Joint Venture (CVJV) recently recognized the California Rice Commission with the 2022 Conservation Partnership Award. 

Below is a portion of the message from the CVJV on the award, which showcases the incredible work being done between the CRC, rice growers across the Sacramento Valley and conservation groups – all aiming to improve habitat for migratory birds and contribute to the wellbeing of local farmers.

They worked with partners to develop, communicate and facilitate the implementation of several programs for growers and private wetland managers. They successfully recruited participants, matched them to appropriate programs, and negotiated auctions and/or contracts for several voluntary incentive programs.

Those partners and programs included: the Department of Water Resources’ Drought Relief Waterbird Program; California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s California Winter Rice Habitat Incentive Program; the National Resources Conservation Service’s Regional Conservation Partnership Program; and the California Trout Fish Food Program.

The CRC is proud to work alongside many passionate partners, including the CVJV, and we are appreciative of the recognition. 

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