Enrollment Opportunity Reminder for Idled Rice Acres

Enrollment Opportunity Reminder for Idled Rice Acres

We are looking for fallow rice fields that will be idled during the 2023 growing season and have cover crops or significant volunteer vegetation on them. The RCPP will pay rice farmers $24.71/acre to leave vegetation undisturbed for the waterfowl nesting season (April 1 – July 15) and allow access to monitor nesting activity. To sign up, please visit your local Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) office and ask about this practice.

Program Details:

  1. Must have idle rice fields for this growing season
  2. Must have vegetation on the fields suitable for nesting birds (cover crops are preferred but volunteer plants can be acceptable as well)
  3. Must have brood water nearby through July 15 (i.e. ponds, flooded rice field, irrigation canal)
  4. Leave the fields undisturbed from April 1 to July 15
  5. Payment rate: $24.71/acre

For general questions contact Ian Souza-Cole from Audubon at (530) 312-0809 or; otherwise please visit your local NRCS office to apply! 

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