Drinking Water Supply Well Survey – Help Needed!

sunset over the rice fields

Please help us by completing the three-question survey:


The CRC must provide information on the number of drinking water supply wells to the Central Valley Water Board. We are required to provide the number of wells by county – no names – no addresses – no APN numbers. This is a new requirement in the Rice WDR Order.

For questions or more information, please contact CRC Industry Affairs Manager Roberta Firoved at rfiroved@calrice.org or (916) 206-5039.

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Starting Soon: Rice Water Quality Monitoring

Thiobencarb Monitoring

Thiobencarb monitoring starts April 26 and ends June 28, 14 times at the four core sites. We base the monitoring on planting dates and timing of thiobencarb applications from the county agricultural commissioner offices sharing dates on the notices of intent. Some rice has been planted and treated, which will be captured with the current monitoring plan.