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Loyant Registration Enters Final Stages

Loyant Registration Enters Final Stages

The Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) published florpyrauxifen-benzyl (Loyant) as Loyant® CA with Rinskor™ active Herbicide under notice of proposed decisions to register on July 1. This starts a 30-day public notification process that concludes July 31. The CRC is working with Corteva and DPR to streamline paperwork at the conclusion of the registration process to closely follow July 31. 

All Loyant applications are by ground only. Loyant has a 60-day preharvest interval (PHI), so the herbicide could be used under special circumstances on later planted rice. Regardless of the availability this year, Loyant will be available for use in the 2023 season with Corteva providing stewardship at the winter grower meetings. Loyant is used to control or suppress grass, sedge, and broadleaf weeds. 

The CRC worked closely with Corteva and DPR on final stages of the registration where the process was stalled due to changes in process. Thankfully, a combination of longtime and positive working relationships between the CRC, DPR and Corteva paid off in moving the registration forward.

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