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CRC Drought page details widespread impacts

CRC Drought page details widespread impacts

This significant drought year has caused widespread impacts throughout the Sacramento Valley, taking a toll on our rural agricultural communities and our environment. The CRC has detailed those impacts felt by so many throughout rice country, and has compiled videos, podcasts, monthly updated statements and fact sheets for media on the website Drought page.

You can see and hear how this drought has caused a ripple effect on our rural communities, directly impacting small businesses and people’s livelihoods. From a grower on the west side of the valley explaining how “quiet” this year has been for his farm and community, to dryers, ag aircraft pilots, supply companies, local hardware stores and restaurants – the drought has hit ag businesses and entire towns extremely hard.

While the long-term environmental impacts remain unclear, numerous wildlife experts including Audubon California, The Nature Conservancy, Ducks Unlimited, Cal Trout, UC Davis scientists and biologists with the U.S. Geological Survey all provide expert perspectives on why Ricelands are so crucial to the survival of wildlife in the Sacramento Valley.

The CRC will continue to add to this Drought page this fall and winter, highlighting future impacts to the rice workforce during harvest, milling and migration on the Pacific Flyway.

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