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Mandatory Thiobencarb Stewardship Training NOW ACTIVE

Mandatory Thiobencarb Stewardship Training NOW ACTIVE

Required by DPR to complete for thiobencarb use

The website for the online mandatory thiobencarb stewardship training is active and available through the CalRiceNews link here.

The Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) lists thiobencarb as a restricted material and requires users of thiobencarb to complete stewardship training. This training is provided by the California Rice Commission in partnership with local County Agricultural Commissioner’s offices. The course will be available through the end of June.

The course is approximately one hour long. The certificate of completion is available for download after finishing the course and is required by the County Agricultural Commissioner’s office to add thiobencarb to your use permit. The course may be accessed via phone, tablet or desktop computer at the website.

We applied for and received approval for one hour of CE credit from DPR (0.5 Laws, 0.5 other). You will need to select this option and enter additional information for the CE credit.  

The course developer’s technical assistance email address is available at the end of the course, if you need help or to report other technical issues.  

For more information, contact the CRC’s Industry Affairs Manager Craig Riddle at or (916) 812-3468.

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